Abuse and Security

If you would like to report network abuse, network security, copyright or trademark infringement, or similar issues, please review the following information. Nobis Technology Groups is a hosting provider offering various services, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers, web hosting, co-location, and others. We accept abuse reports for all IP address space owned or operated by our organization and our operating brands and subsidiaries and forward those complaints to the parties responsible for the administration of the IP address in question. Note that in the vast majority of cases, we ourselves do not exercise direct administrative control over the server or other device associated with the IP addresses on our network and as such your complaint may be forwarded to our downstream customer for them to review and act upon accordingly. 

How to Report Abuse

All reports of abuse must be sent via e-mail to abuse@nobistech.net or via postal mail, addressed as follows.

Nobis Technology Group, LLC
ATTN: Network Operations, Abuse and Security team
5350 East High Street
Suite 300
Phoenix, AZ 85054

Reporting abuse via e-mail

Please ensure that your report conforms to the following guidelines:

  • Your e-mail must be sent in plain text format. Rich text and HTML messages cannot be accepted.
  • Please include as much supporting documentation as possible, such as access logs from your web server and the full headers of any e-mail messages.
  • All supporting documentation must be included in plain text format and inline with the body of the message. For security reasons, we DO NOT accept attachments and CAN NOT visit any third party website to retrieve information (including public image sharing websites). If absolutely necessary, hard copies of any images may be sent via postal mail to the address captioned above.
  • Please ensure that either you or your log file indicate the exact time and time zone of the log.
  • Please ensure that, if it is not apparent from your supporting documentation, you also identify the exact destination that was targeted by the attack, such as the URL(s) or IP address(s) that was targeted. 

What Happens With Your Report

Your report will be forwarded to the party responsible for the administration of the IP in question, be it either our systems administration team for IP addresses of servers utilized to provide our own services, or our downstream customer for IP addresses associated with customer managed services. When we receive your message, you will receive an automated reply with a ticket ID, and an additional reply as confirmation that your report has been processed and forwarded appropriately. If you have any additional information to provide relating to your complaint, please ensure that you send it as a reply to one of these confirmation messages and leave the subject of the message intact. Due to the volume of complaints that we process, we cannot respond individually to each one, but you can be assured that each and every complaint is handled appropriately.

What Happens With Repeat Offenders

Our customers use the services that we provide to offer a large number of their own services, some of which include VPN, proxy, tunnel, anonymization , and similar services. As such, it is sometimes possible that you will see similar incidents coming from the same or similar IP addresses, or in some cases, entirely different IP addresses that appear to represent the same attacker. In all cases, it is absolutely essential that you report each and every incident with enough information for the responsible party to be located. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the exact IP address in question and the exact time (including time zone) of the incident. We monitor the abuse history of all accounts and, when appropriate, impose restrictions or administrative penalties, including up to account suspension and termination, when appropriate. Please help us to ensure that all offenses are handled appropriately by reporting all incidents of abuse.